[SOLVED] - Google Home-nightmare-Delete everything and start over?

I think it is time to reset hubitat completely, and re-register it using my primary email account, which is the account where all of my contacts and professional email interactions take place.

When I first got the hubitat, I made the mistake of clicking on "register with google", which at the time, I was signed into a throw away account and I did not know it. So now, my hubitat thinks I am the throw away...

The problem I am having, is that although I was able to get google home installed on my hub, I had to install it using the throw away email account associated with the throw away email that I (unwittingly) registered my hub with.

This has created a week of nightmares for me as I started to integrate my new google home devices, all of which will allow me to control the devices associated with hubitat, but only using the throw away home name, which is basically useless for things like calendar, calling someone in my contacts list etc.

Whenever I try to add another home member, like my primary email address for example, I cannot link hubitat to that new member through the google home app. I can add the new member to the home account, but that new member has zero access to hubitat controlled devices, but can access any device not controlled or linked via hubitat like my Shield or my android based TV's etc. In other words, the new member cannot access any lights, or engage google home in routines etc.

I am so incredibly frustrated at this point, that it has me wondering whether or not hubitat is really the right solution for me....

My kids both have ST in their homes, and they experience NONE of this frustration. Their GH devices recognize their husbands voices, and create calendar events in THEIR calendars etc....

Where am I failing here.... please help... I am at my wits end now...

Were you in the "real" or "throwaway" account in the Google Home app that you used to install the integration in the first place? I don't have the Google Home integration installed, but my guess is that you need to be signed in to the Google Home app using the account you want to add Hubitat to, then installing the Hubitat integration in the GH app will ask you to sign in to the Hubitat portal, which in your case needs to be the "throwaway" account since that's how you registered Hubitat. I wonder if that sign-in is enough to confuse the "original" GH app sign-in, causing this problem, though if that's not what you did originally, you might want to try again.

If this does cause problems, I suspect Support will be able to change the e-mail address/account you used to register your Hub, either to your "real" GMail account or to non-Google authentication. They'll likely read this thread; if not: support@hubitat.com. It seems like this should be possible without completely resetting your hub, but it would definitely require intervention from them to help change this.

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"Were you in the "real" or "throwaway" account in the Google Home app that you used to install the integration in the first place?"

Not sure what you are asking here? The problem is that whenever I try to add another home member (in google home app), I cannot "allow" that new home member to control anything the hubitat has dominion over. If I am logged into google home (on my phone) using the "throw away" account, I can control hubitat devices no problem, the problem is, that when signed into THAT account, google home is useless for any personalized interaction like calendar events, reminders etc.

Where the breakdown is here, is that there needs to be a way to allow additional google home members to be able to link/install/whatever the hubitat as a device, so that THEY have control over hubitat controlled devices, which is basically every light/thermostat in the house.

Ah, my perception is filtered through the lens of only interacting via one account. :slight_smile: It's possible the feature you want is just missing. Hopefully, someone who uses that (or wrote it) can shed some light on the issue. But it still seems to be like you'd be able to get calendar, reminders, etc. for at least yourself if the Hubitat integration were added on your own Google account instead of the "throwaway," which might need Support intervention to un-link it from that account and let you add it to the desired Google account or a non-Google login.

You can link up to 6 members of your family in the Google home apps.
Open the Google home apps with your throwaway account or whichever account you are using for Google home. From there, add your family members (invite).
Once they are added. They can add new devices from Hubitat.

No they cannot.

The (hubitat) devices do not show up in their google home app. They see devices like the google home and the minis but the hubitat devices (every light in the house) are nowhere to be found.

Linking members is the easy part. Getting hubitat to play nice with these new members is an exercise in futility.

In the google home app using your working primary email account , in the home page, click add, setup device, click "have something already setup?", look for hubitat in the list, did you entered the other throw away google account credentials on this step?

Yes.....as of this post, I have literally completed THAT exact step, no fewer than 93 times.
I have been obsessing/fidgeting with/deleting/reinstalling/sweating over this for 3 days straight. I have been on the phone with google home tech support, reading every google home self help blog I can find for close to 30 hours now.

I emailed tech support hours ago, and finally received a reply. I sent a reply back less than 1 minute after receiving that response.

It may be another few hours before Hear back from them so I do not have high hopes that this will be resolved today.

I see what you mean by control. You are correct that you won't see the list of devices in the Google home apps for your family members.
We use Google home for voice control.

and after doing the 93 times, did you see the google app in the hub under apps? I suppose yes, I will make a similar installation here for testing with my second hub

Why not? Why would you not be able to see (hubitat) devices in the google home app for family members?
If I create an admin account for my wife within hubitat, should she not be able to directly download/link/install/whatever the hubitat element from within HER example of the GH app, thereby giving her direct/manual control over the same devices I have as the primary admin?


Seeing the google home app in hubitat under apps has never been the issue. Forgive me if somewhere in my posts I indicated that it was.

no, I'm asking because it must be deleted to link the hub again and reinstall google home but in the hub. I have the app installed with another account, I will integrate my second hub which is registered in a different account, for testing, so I will have your same case.

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Thank you sir. You are a rock star.

I have to admit that I was excited about being an early adopter. I had no idea the level of frustration it would cause me. I really don't think I am up for this to be honest. Our house is not huge. I do not need elaborate motion lighting set ups or really much beyond basic functionality.

I would like to integrate BlueIris at some point, but from where I stand right now, waiting hours for tech support to reply, and struggling with even basic GH integration, it seems I might have bitten off more than I am willing to chew here.......

Neat idea this hubitat, but not necessarily ready for primetime at this point... At least for those of us with anything less than a doctorate in computer science.

I'm right now fighting with an old tablet to get this done, just trying to help. give me a coupe of minutes maybe I will use my work's iphone.

Don't bother @vjv. You can only control the devices with one member at a time only.
You could control devices with all members with ST.
@mcneelyworld. If Hubitat is giving you headache with Google home and that's something of high important to you. You can try Smartthings.

ok, I see the problem, google home will redirect the oauth to the account is linked to google home, not to HE, so at the end you are connected to the wrong account. then the HE registration email must be changed.... sorry I cant help with that.

not sure what you mean with this, my wife can control HE using her account but the main account is my account.


Or ....Google Home,Echo Plus, wink, lenovo, vera, hook, securifi, ....etc etc....

There are definitely plenty of options.....

Wait a minute, I'm programming another iphone to see how it works, what phone you have, iOS or Android?