SOLVED: Generic, Zwave Thermostat DH, Celsius degrees

Does anyone using a CT100 Thermostat with Celsius degrees as the default have an alternative to Generic, Zwave Thermostat DH?? This handler does not work when using Celsius degrees.

If you use Hubitat (with the Generic DH) to set this thermostat what is actually is set and what Hubitat shows are more often 2 different things. For example, Hubitat shows the thermostat heating setpoint at 23C. The physical thermostat is also at 23C. Using Hubitat, set the heating set point to 22C. SURPRISE. The setpoint immediately jumps back to 23C. The physical thermostat however is set to 22C. To get Hubitat to show 22C you need to set the device down to 21.5C. Almost immediately, Hubitat changes the 21.5 up to 22C. The physical thermostat is set to 21.5C

While often a half to whole degree difference may not be that big a deal, it is really annoying and discerning that what setting I see within Hubitat and what is real are or may be different.

Looking for a working alternative DH for my CT100 zwave (none-plus) thermostat

I have had this issue since I replaced my old Honeywell with a GoControl and the generic driver. I have asked GoControl for updated firmware to allow 0.5 degrees. A whole degree in F is fine but in C it makes too much of a difference.
The generic drive will round up or down on you, just the way it is.
I have contacted Aartech and they are tesing out the HW T6 Pro thermostat to confirm it does 0.5 internal and I will replace my month old thermostat and sell it down south, I think the USA is the only country left in the world to use F right :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The CT100 allows .5C degree increments. The DH takes C degrees, converts it to F degrees and then back again. With rounding error you never end up with the same number.

I dont care if it uses whole degrees or rounds them up/down. I just want that Hubita and the Thermostat show the exact same numbers :grimacing:

try the inbuilt Radio Thermostat CT101 driver...

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I have been with Hubitat short of 6 weeks, have moved all but 2 device from ST to Hubitat one of which was the thermostat. I have only had one "major" problem. :grinning: You, fine sir, just eliminated that one. :rage: Now what am I gonna do with myself.. :crazy_face:

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Discover the weath of apps that weren't on ST and get in to lots more trouble.
It's been just over a month and I have so many apps running now it's crazy.
6+ yerars of ST and all I had to play with was WebCore. :wink:

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