[Solved]Generic Z-Wave Siren driver?


I have this siren:


It was working fine with ST but I don't see a Generic Driver for HE, I'm using the Dome Siren driver, it works but it includes multiple options that my siren doesn't have and the respond is weird sometimes. It works with a generic switch driver but then for security stuff it will not show as a siren using a switch driver.

Any help will be apreciated. Thanks.

I found a ST custom handler for this siren, I ported it to HE, looks like it's working. I will test more.

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I still having issues with this, no generic siren driver and if I use the ported driver, Dome siren driver or HE switch driver it gave me an error.

Lord of the drivers @mike.maxwell, could you at least confirm if in some point in the future a fix will be added? Thanks

That's an easy one.. "healthPoll" is a ST method and you can just comment out any line with it in.

(You don't identify the "ST custom handler" and guessing would be tedious.. but it seems like you're able to edit. :slight_smile: )

In the other drivers that you have tried. they scheduled a method to run every x minutes and run a method called healthPoll. Now when you switch to the generic zwave switch driver, that method no longer exists and you get that error. If you look at your device details and scroll down to the bottom you will no doubt see a scheduled method there.

I ran into this a few times. Would be great if we can delete the schedule at the bottom of the device page.

This line is not on the ported driver, someone suggested the same in another thread and I looked the full driver, I used the search option, no "healthPoll" anywhere.

The weird thing is I first used the HE OEM generic switch driver then HE OEM Dome driver, after getting the error then I used the ported driver, I got the error too. I ended removing the siren yesterday because it was the only device in red in the logs.

I discovered what was the problem, apparently I had this siren paired in secure mode, after pairing the siren without the secure mode it is working perfectly.

Long time to figure out this....

Security was added to that driver shortly after you reported the problem so it should have been working either way...

Do you have the driver working for the Zooz ZSE-01 ?

I use the dome siren driver, it's integrated in the list of drivers, just a note, only works on and off, but works and you can use it in HSM.