[Solved] GE Enbrighten Switch sensed as "device"

I just installed two new enbrighten switches - The first was sensed properly as a GE Enbrighten Switch. The second was recognized as "Device". I changed the driver to the GE Enbrighten driver, but it is not being recognized asa switch for groups. How do I change the device type manually?

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Just figured it out. Leaving the (sub-optimal) solution here. Excluding and re-including without encryption fixed the problem. Not the best solution, but for now it works.

I had the same problems with some of my Jabsco/GE devices. I Included them without encryption from the start still had same problem .

I just added a GE Enbrighten "switch" this week. Could not get it work with encryption, it wanted to add as a Device, but then could not be controlled. Re-included without encryption successfully and the GE Enbrighten driver was auto selected. The switch worked fine for the first day, then the on the 2nd, won't turn on/off from dashboard or the Hubitat Device controls.

If I go the switch, turn it on manually, then it will function again via dashboard and directly in the Device for a little bit. Then some time later, stops responding all over again.

I have 2 other Z-Wave devices within 8 feet, 1 being a repeater and these work without issue.

Tried rebooting Hubitat Hub
Tried the generic zwave switch driver
Tried the Z-Wave Metering Switch driver

Any other suggestions?

I would try removing the switch, completing a factory reset and then re-add it to your hub.


@Vettester Thank you. I did not state that in my post, but I did do the Factory Reset on the switch and re-add without encryption.

Now it is totally offline, won't respond to digital commands at all even after manually turning it on/off.

When you do a z-wave exclusion is it successful?

It was not successful when I excluded after joining with S2 originally, so that ghosted device is on my Hub. I know I need to get that cleared out, but not the simplest task on Hubitat.

You should keep trying the exclude process until it excludes the device. Once it excludes the device the ghosted device should be cleared as well.

I will continue to work on get the ghosted device out. Appreciate your assistance.

If you’re having trouble with the exclusion process sometimes it helps if you reboot your hub first.

I attempted an exclusion to no avail. I rebooted the hub, entered Z-Wave Exclusion, pushed the single button on the device once as outlined in the Support article - Nothing. Attempted a few clicks, tried a series of on/off for 30 seconds, no exclusion.

Rebooted the hub again, Exclusion again, same steps, but Hubitat ever excluded the device.

Reviewed Z-Wave Details - The original S2 inclusion and current unsecured are still there, no change.

As a test, I went through the Exclusion of an Aoetec door sensor, and that worked, exclusion successful.

The device has to be excluded before you can do anything with it. You might want to contact Hubitat support and see if they can help.

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