Solved (for now) Alexa connection to Hubitat broken

A few days ago we had to cycle our generator/auto tranfer switch and it seems that since then Alexa connection to the hub has been broken. It would intermittently operate lights, but sometimes lag or not work at all. Ive tried several things, the last of which was a soft reset and database restoration from before the power cycling. Now devices will immediately say "device unresponsive". This is either through an Echo or the Alexa app itself.

I can remove the skills app, and re-enable it on the Alexa side and it reinstalls it onto the hub. All of the appropriate devices will be discovered, but none of them work.

Lights work through the lights tab in the Hubitat app, whether or not I'm on the local network, so the internet connection seems to be working.

I wouldn't be surprised that the Alexa system is somehow broken, but not aware of a way to force reset that. I feel the cloud to hubitat communication is failed.

Have you tried power cycling your Alexa devices? I haven’t noticed any new issues with the Alexa service, outside the occasional interruption that seems to be Amazon related.

If the wifi connection went up and down and up rapidly you may have just confused the Echos. I’d start with a reboot of the router.


Yes, along with taking down the network and beinging it back up in order. It did it directly through the app too, so wasnt device dependant.

That is where i started, just didnt want to get into a book of everything i tried haha. reboots were a given in my opinion.

So far it looks like the fix was to pull all the devices from alexa app and re-add them by allowing them to be rediscovered by refreshing the alexa skill in hubitat. Sucks because ill have to rebuild any routines in alexa, but fortunately most of my automations were run through hubitat.

Some sort of token with the devices must have gotten broken.

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