[SOLVED] Deleted Motion Lighting still turning lights off


A couple of weeks ago, I created a new motion all which would turn on the livingroomHue lamps between 6am and 9am if the lux level was below 15lux. This worked brilliantly except........

During the evening the same lights are turned on by Mode Manager (Evening Scene) and should remain on until Night mode is activated. However what is actually happening is that the lounge lights are still being turned off 5minutes after movement.

Thinking I had messed it the Motion App, I deleted it.

I am still experiencing the same issue even though there is no motion app or time delay anymore.

Anyone had the same issue?


Go to your devices and choose the device in question.

Scroll to the bottom to see what is associated with it.

So, this was a motion issue before I deleted it however on scouring through the logs it appears the hub decided to turn itself from evening to day mode coincidentally about five minutes after I left the lounge.

I had just updated to Maybe it just got a bit confused.

Thanks for your reply.

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