[SOLVED] Day 2 with the hubitat, it stopped sending commands

I didn't see this particular issue in the forum, so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

I've done a ton of research on the Hubitat and decided it was the right one for me. I have one GE outlet (so far) and was having fun yesterday turning a plugged in lamp on and off. Today I went to play around with it, opened my dashboard and clicked the outlet icon, the lamp turned on, and the icon said sending... I've rebooted, tried different dashboards, different devices, rebooted a few times. I can usually get it to do something on a different device, but for the most part whichever device (iPhone, PC) sent the command, it still says pending. Any advice?

Q: What device model is it, and what driver is it using?

In terms of testing...

Step 1, start from the device detail page on the Hub web page, not a dashboard or the Hubitat phone app, and verify it turns on/off as expected there.

Step 2. if it works fine from the device detail then proceed to dashboard and verify functionality. If it doesn't work there, determine if you are using LOCAL or CLOUD dashboards. If CLOUD, try LOCAL and see if it reacts any differently. Then submit a support email, or post on here for help.

I have lots of devices that don't some off of the "hourglass" when I manipulate them from dashboards. Usually a refresh of the dashboard will make it show the correct status, though, for me.

If you submit a ticket, this page may help:

I'm running local, no cloud setup. I tried removing the device from the device screen and added it back. It turns off immediately, turning it back on takes about 5 seconds. I setup a rule for the outlet to turn on, then turn back off after a minute. It followed the rule perfectly.

Are the hub and outlet far apart? If they're the only devices you have (and therefore no mesh) it could be a signal strength/quality issue. Any chance of testing it with the hub really close (temporary long ethernet cable?)

Also, what @JasonJoel said, what device model is it? Which driver is it using?

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Sorry, it's the C-5. Which driver are you referring to? The driver code section is empty, and there isn't anything in the device settings that says driver.

I found this article: Frustrated w/ Device Discovery So Far

There's a comment that says:

Yes, having it near WiFi will cause issues. Move it across the room or in another room where no 2.4ghz devices are within 3-6 feet.

I had the device sitting right next to my router, which is dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I moved the hub out of the closet, closer, and completely unobstructed and it seems to be working much better now.

I know these things act as repeaters, but how close does the hub have to be to the first device, and how far away can each device be? I'm planning to move to a larger home in a few months and plan to have almost all the light switches replaced with GE Z-Wave dimmers/switches. Is range going to be a problem?

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They are referring to the model of the device not the hub and the driver that is assaigned to it on the device details page.

GE makes many different models of an outlet. Narrowing down which one you are using helps in diagnosing.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least one repeater device 5-10 feet from the hub and you can build out from there, the more repeaters the better mesh your devices will use.

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Check out this article on how to build a strong Z-Wave mesh. Following these best practices will minimize problems. A strong Z-Wave mesh can expand to hundreds of linear feet.


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When you begin a home automation project with Z-wave or Zigbee devices, you need to have faith that the technology works. It will take time to build where you have enough devices to create a strong mesh. Building out from the center around your hub is a good start. With only a few sparsely placed devices you may experience occasional spotty service. As you add devices, you will find perhaps one device magically fills in the mesh and everything becomes solid. Distance is not necessarily the indicator of a good connection. I have a fan controller that is 5 feet from the hub, however, the signal takes 2 hops to get back to the hub. Although only 5 feet away, there is a lot of 2x4s between the device and the hub.

Oh yeah. I'm all in on this product. I was working with bobbyD on the staff, and it was a line of sight and the device was too far from the hub. There were some HVAC tubes in the way too. Everything is working much better now.


Glad to hear it!!!