[SOLVED] Button Controller 5.1 / platform bug

When creating a Button Controller 5.1 app on platform some grandchild actions do not display or work.

I have a Inovelli dimmer. 8 pushed/held buttons. The buttons are successfully configured. But some of those grandchild settings do not get displayed on the child page. And the actions do not work.

Below is the child app display. Note that there is nothing displayed for buttons 1 or 2 held. But there are actions defined in the grandchild apps.

Here is button 1 held - a simple switch off.

And button 2 held - another simple off

I figured out my issue. In BC (others?) one can enter an action and press "Done with Button Rule" without first pressing "Done with action". The incomplete action remains as part of the app, but is not active. I don't know whether this incomplete state can be prevented/alerted? @bravenel

That's a UI break. I will get it fixed. "Done with Button Rule" shouldn't show up until "Done with action" is pressed.


Latest release,, fixes this issue.

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