[solved] Android App not showing last 20 notifications

It says it should display the last 20 notifications, but on mine it only shows the last 11.

Hubitat Android app verion 1.6.12 build 136.
Pixel 6a, Android 14

Do you have multiple HE hubs, or just one?

Then I'd suggest checking the mobile devices on the hub to make sure you don't have more than one configured for you phone, then double-check the apps setup to send notifications.

Yes I'm certain of all of that.

I had 11 messages on the app. I just sent 20 test messages from Hubitat to my phone. Now I have 17. The inconsistency is weird. Usually there is only 11 or 12 shown.

Tests 1, 2, and 3 have been dropped from the app by the time I could check them.

Closed the app and reopened. Now only 11 notifications again:

Is it possible that the periodic pruning of state and/or event history is limiting the number of notifications shown?

What are your history and state size settings for the phone device?
note history

Edit: I just sent myself 21 notifications. 20 where visible in the app. Five minutes later, only 11 show in the device history and the app, just like my event history and state size is set.


@bjcowles You're the winner!! That was it. I feel dumb now.

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My phone device had Event History set to 30 and I had the last 26 notifications shown in the app (Android).


That's interesting. IDK then

You could go with Pushover and see the last 100 or so