[Solved] Alternative to Fortrezz MIMO

I am looking for a relay. I have previously used the Fortrezz MIMO lite for this solution, but they aren't sold anymore.

I am looking to wire a garage door opener into the relay, so it can be inside my house and open the garage door in our detached garage (it's about 150 feet away, so I am worried about getting a z-wave signal out there). I did this at my old house using a MIMOLite relay, and it worked great - took the cover off a spare opener remote, soldered the connection and plugged it into the MimioLite.

Anyone have a suggestions for something similar?

Use any dry contact zwave or zigbee relay. The Zooz Zen16 is a popular choice.

Even a Zooz ZEN51 can work depending on how you want to wire it up.
The nice thing about the ZEN16/17 is they are designed to be mounted outside of a box and run off DC power. Can be powered via USB or directly wired to a DC supply.

They have a garage door kit also, if you need a tilt sensor too: Zooz DIY Smart Garage Opener Kit (MultiRelay ZEN16 VER. 2.0 + Tilt Sen - The Smartest House

I was looking at the ZEN17, so thanks!

If you go with one of those, you will want these drivers to configure it correctly:
[DRIVER] Zooz Relays Advanced (ZEN16, ZEN17, ZEN51, ZEN52)

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