Solution for 150 foot line of sight requirement?

Hi all, I'm attempting to wire an electrical disconnect into the boat lift on our dock, which is roughly 150 feet line of sight from the closest outlet on the back of our house where I have an Aeotec z-wave repeater. Turns out it's not quite enough to get the signal out there. I can't interrupt power on the house side because I need 120v to power lighting and security cameras, so I'm using a high amp contactor to interrupt the circuit to the lift controls and it just needs 120v applied to close the circuit when we're using it.

So, that means I can really use any type of z-wave switch, relay, or outlet to control the 120v to the contactor, it only draws 4 watts when closed. My initial attempt was with a Zooz ZEN16 before I discovered the range issue. I do have wifi to the dock, so if there's a non-zwave wifi device that Hubitat plays well with I could do that instead. Or if anyone has other ideas on devices, range increases, I'm open to them. I do have Ethernet out to the dock; so I could add a second Hubitat for mesh access, but that seems like overkill just to control one 120v circuit.

The Shelly line of products are supported by built-in Drivers. They are WiFi and can be installed in an outlet box.

and then the Shelly 1pm has.... power metering.


Wow that looks super easy. I just ordered some.