(Sold) Kwikset 888 ZWave Locks

I have (2) Kwikset 888 US Standard ZWave Locks available for the taking.

New they go for $138 and used for $75. Looking for $60/piece or $100 for both. Shipping included.

Hi Seeing as your listing this on the hubitat site...im hoping these are compatible? I tried to pair one of my Kwikset 888 last night but while it will pair - it doesnt give me any status or options to control.

They are but the radios are horrible. I moved away from Kwikset completely. I am now using Yale 110 smart locks. So much happier with performance.


ive had the locks for 3 or 4 years under IRIS. Never had a problem. I just paired up a 910 and 2 888s today. we'll See!

Same. I'm keeping my 910 as a backup, but I'll never go with Kwikset locks again. Love my Yales.

Hello from 9 months ago.
I just got an KwikSet 888 and I don't like it very weak radios.
How have yours benn acting?

Hi. I have 2 kwikset 888 and a kwikset 910 and I haven’t had a problem with either of them once I had hem paired up. I have an auto lock command set up for 9 pm set up on 2 of them and I can hear the lock activate often ( if it had been unlocked ).
I do however have. Zwave light switch near each one which should be helping ) and I do have a strong Zwave network ( assume so based on location and number of devices).
Perhaps consider picking up one of the centralite 3210 smart plugs and position near the lock. Or a light switch for the outdoor light near that lock.
Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

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