SOLD:Fibaro Switches/Dimmers Firmware Updates - HC2 for sale


I purchased a Fibaro Home Centre from ebay to upgrade by fibaro switches and dimmers as I was stuck with a known bug that meant sometimes a physical switch wouldn’t trigger - it was fixed with a firmware update!

I’ve now updated all of for dimmers/switches and wandered if anyone else wanted the HC for the same purpose - before I stick it back on ebay - happy to sell for £45 + postage



I'm interested, but live in Iceland. Would that work for you?

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I can certainly check the shipping costs tomorrow and let you know what they are… no idea if there would be import duties to pay too though?

I would appreciate it if could check on the shipping costs. Just the cheapest option, it usually doesn't take too long to arrive. I probably have to pay some duties, but such is life :slight_smile:

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