[SOLD] 4 Iris 3210-L Smart Plugs

I've used these for about a year, primarily for their Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus repeating capabilities. Great outlets! Just not great for my Xiaomi-rich environment. Hoping to sell all four together.
Asking $50 for all four and I'll cover the shipping in the continental US.

PM me if interested

Note: I do not know what firmware version they are on.

Thank You


Thanks for your ad, I offer you 30.00 for them, I'm not sure if they work with Hubitat and if they are z-wave/zigbee excluded from your system.

Feel free to reply to maolcax@gmail.com.

Have a great day.


I'm sorry. The plugs have already been promised to a buyer.
Thank you for your interest.

Thank you, good luck!

Wow, this was a great deal! They certainly work with Hubitat.

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I really liked these plugs, but with six Tradfri outlets and three Xbees, I couldn't justify keeping them in the 'maybe I'll need it one day' box.

Lol they were about $40 for one when in stores. Talk about tire kicker. $50 for 4 is an amazing deal. I have 7 of these myself and love them.