SolarEdge device type

Thanks this looks great!

How can I use your updated driver?

The display is from the ‘Super Tile’ app which is not currently available (will be back fairly soon)
The driver will be released soon on my new ‘members only’ website when it is completed.


So does anyone have the updated driver info with all those changes? Thanks!

I haven’t released it yet.
I’m still working on my website.
When it’s complete, the driver and Super Tile app will be available there.


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I have been trying to send the current states to influxdb to graph in grafana. Not having any luck. The panels do show up under the 'Energy Meters' & 'Power Meters' but they don't show up in grafana. Anyone given this a try?

HI Andy, have you released the updated driver?

@Cobra Hi Andy, I am Keen to get the Solaredge driver and supertile too. Cheers

I'm sorry guys, real life is taking up too much of my time atm.
I am trying really hard to get back to this

@Cobra understand mate. When you life treats you better..

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@Cobra, hi have you had the chance of looking into this? Sorry to bother you mate.

Website coming soon but you can register now... :slight_smile:

Great. Registered thanks

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Regarding the 5 min. polling, some of the SolarEdge inverters have an Ethernet port which may allow you to poll data almost in real time vs. GSM and Zigbee. I haven’t tried it yet, but at some point when my SE account is activated I may tinker with it.

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Hey Andy, did you end up completing this?

Yes, it is complete and ready for when the website goes live
(Hopefully soon)

Looking forward to taking a look. Had my panels installed less than a week ago and have been enjoying using the solar edge app to keep an eye on things and adjust my energy usage, interested to look at automating... Just need to sign up for the web site and wait...

Nice work on the solar Edge integration @Cobra, worked perfectly, and now have it displaying on a super tile :slightly_smiling_face:.

I notice you have the current output of the panels. Are you able to also get the current consumption from the grid? Allowing a similar display to the app, even if it's not in real-time.
EDIT: looking at the API I am thinking this would be the current power flow API call.

Thanks again,


I've done just that here Solaredge Monitoring Device Driver