Soft Reset error "Unknown Error Occurred"

Its seems others have experienced this but the fix steps are removed from the posts by Support.

Oh and I originally wrote this to, but didn't realise that this is no longer monitored (received a canned message bounce back).

So anyway all I'm trying to do is completely wipe / decommission / factory default one of my C7 hubs as I will be moving to a C8 in the coming days (don't worry this hub is a reserve hub and I will be following the migration process from my production C7 when the C8 arrives).

Just to be clear there is nothing I need to keep on this second C7. I just want to completely wipe it.

I have been following the process outlined by BobbyD in the forums. I have 'reset' both the zwave and zigbee radios. I have unregistered the hub. I'm just trying to perform a 'Soft Reset' and remove the config(s), this is where it is failing with the following error 'Unknown Error Occurred' (see screenshot).

The device is then no longer reachable, but if I hard power cycle it then I'm able to reign using the old details i.e. the device still has its old config.

Any ideas please?


@bobbyD @support_team

The first thing I would do is make sure your Diagnostic Tool is up-to-date by checking the things at the end of this document:

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yeah so my understanding is the HDT version is linked to the Hubitat firmware version, correct?

So the hub is bang up-to-date platform version and running HDT version 1.0.92.

For the reset process to just come up with an 'unknown error' and then essentially crash is frustrating. Why isn't the an option to clear the memory either via software or the usual way via a paperclip?

@bobbyD @support_team any ideas on what I can try next please?

No, the Diagnostic Tool updates separately from the hub platform version. The one you listed above is out of date. It should eventually update on its own, but if you just updated the hub (it takes some time) or if it didn't work for some reason, I recall one of the problems during a soft reset being the exact one you note.

Update the tool using the instructions linked to above (they're at the end of the document). If that doesn't work, they will likely need to help figure out why.

thanks brilliant bert, Can't thank you enough - it worked.

So you're right, on my active hub which has been in operation non stop for a few years the diagnostic tool was running 1.1.110 (latest). However on the hub I was trying to reset was decommissioned last Sept the diagnostic tool was running 1.0.92 (even though I'd updated it to the latest firmware a few days ago). I guess this must get automatically updated (like you say at some point) but independently of the firmware version.

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