So... What is the story on receiving messages for intrusions?

I see that "SMS" is being discontinued. What does that mean for intrusion alerts from my camp? There won't be any alerts on my android any more?

You can use Pushover. I've had it for quite some time now and it's flawless. It's somewhere around four bucks. It'll handle your notifications with no limits and very minimal delay. Check it out.

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You have the Hubitat Android/IOS app - Free

Pushover works great $4.99 one time charge unlimited notifications

And they just started promoting Twilio as well (haven't checked into the pricing as I use pushover)

For all notifications

Here is the announcement in case you missed it Changes to SMS notification service

I'm using the Hubitat android app now... so I'm still covered? I don't need to purchase anything else?

Yes, Nope, but you'll need to change the notification device for HSM and any other rules and such using SMS to your android device.

Thank you

There's also this lovely integration from @erktrek (Eric H) for unlimited free SMS or email notifications.

All you need is an RPi or some other *nix that can run sendmail on the same network as your Hubitat, and Bob's your uncle!

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@aaiyar And Fannys your Aunt..:smile:

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I'm using that driver currently and it works great.

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