So what can actiontiles do that the HE DB can't?

Was just curious if there was anything specific that would justify the asking price apart from the ease of setup (since starting the CSS thread so many tips have flowed in for customising the dashboard).

That is a good question...when I used SmartThings I used ActionTiles and it was pretty easy to setup the dashboards like Hubitat's are. The reason I moved to Hubitat was to remove all the dependency to the cloud and ActionTiles was directly attached to the cloud. Internet goes down there goes the dashboards. I wonder if they have a local execution option now.

ActionTiles is much easier to customize your dashboard for new users. CSS is quite a learning curve for someone who is new to this stuffs.


Understood - per my post I mentioned ease of use but wanted to know if there were things that AT would be able to do that we couldn't do now (or at least with great difficulty)

When I take an inventory both seem to be on par with most features. If a tile is a switch you get a button that toggles a switch, if it's a dimmer you get a tile that has dimmer controls. You can change the icons, colors, size, and font size. The GUI on Action Tiles is easier to work with in my opinion vs. Hubitat's. I will say I had to go into CSS options for Hubitat's to customize a couple of tiles for larger fonts or to suppress the titles which once you get into the conventions of the CSS layout isn't that difficult but I wish it was more visual in editing the objects.

I was the same way. With Smartthings ActionTiles was the best. But unless they have a local option I won't use them with HE.

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Interested in hearing about this in terms of a local option. I am using Sharptools myself, but the other day I had no internet and therefore no dashboard control. I was contemplating setting up a HE Dashboard, but every time I start I just get frustrated with how cumbersome it is to setup. I have tried Smartly, but i don´t like that approach either.

I like the video I have seen of Hubipanel, but it seems development has stopped for now.

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I had (emphasis on had) both ActionTiles and SharpTools when my home was ST. They both had things I liked that ST couldn’t deliver.
Switched to HE and plan to let both of them expire.
I know that doesn’t answer your question. What i recommend you do is get comfortable with HE then go to the ActionTiles web site and see if anything they can do is something you would like, then see if HE can do it. If not, perhaps HE will offer it if there is enough need.

Try smartly

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Like others, I too used Action tiles with Smartthings. But the main reason I move to Hubitat was to be local as much as possible. So Action tiles was out of the question. (I think there is no version for hubitat anyway)

Unfortunately, Hubitat dashboard is a pain. (No I don't want to learn CSS). I tried HomeAssistant before choosing Hubitat and I used HomeHabit then as my dashboard. Luckily, it also support hubitat (experimentaly though).

I think their approach is very simple and get the job done neatly. It is local and has a free version with limited but usable fonctionnalities.

If you're an Android device user, give @jpage4500 's Hubitat Dashboard a try. As a native android app, no browser is required-- it's very fast. Pretty easy to setup nice looking dashboards (with folders, choose or import icons, ability to backup and transfer configurations to new devices, view activity history). It also supports local and cloud operation. You probably won't miss ActionTiles.

I have just migrated from ST to HE and as a beta tester for ActionTiles I can tell you that I want to poke my eyes out after trying to get Dashboard anywhere close to my AT panels. :slight_smile:
There is so much granularity in AT and no CSS fussing is required. Try to re-arange 60 tiles in alpha order, one at a time, arggg. Or add an extra row, change the icon appeance, no colour templates for dashboards, etc. One thing that drives me batty must be my big fingers. I can't seem to scroll or activate a tile without inadvertently changing the slider/On/Off of whatever I touch. Just where is the special spot for binary change on a tile?
Yes it's not local but I have been there since the beginning (4+ years) and I can count the number out outages both with the AT server and my Internet on one hand.
I hope it arrives soon for testing.
Not really bashing Dashboard but it's just a few years behind as it's not the main focus of the platform.

As Beta user of ActionTiles I can tell you that setting up a usable dashboard with anything over 20 tiles is a painful process in HE and a breeze in AT. They both work but if you are planning on rearranging or customizing your dashboard then AT is an easier option. If you have the time HE will do the job but if you want the ease of customizing then AT wins. Not local but not really and issue for me since I use voice commands (Google Home) as my main interface and that is not local either.

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Personally I'd like to use AT but the fact that it's cloud based makes me take a hard pass on it.


Sharptools is SOOOOO much easier (and prettier) to set up than HE dashboards. If you've got Apple devices I've also found Homebridge to the Home app on iPhones/iPads/Macs to be a seamless experience that gives a very nice interface.


I love smartly. I think I had a bit if a time getting it setup, but after setup it is pretty easy to add/alter dashboards.

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I use AT for my tablets around the house but I keep a link to an HE DB in case the internet goes out. It is a super simple DB for emergency uses only.