So new C8 installed, what do I do with my old C5?

Looking for suggestions. C5 was doing OK with work load. C8 is great. now what to do with C5? Does it make sense to use for zigbee only? C8 is handling all well. I have around 80 zigbee devices, with another 25 or so via hue hub. Maybe 20 zwave devices.

TIA - Bill

Moving those hue hub devices would work, but then you'd need to start a Topic on what to do with an old hue hub :smiley:

You could use the C-5 as a non Z-device hub, which would then focus on LAN and Internet Facing products. In other words, via the hue hub's LAN interface, those exact same Zigbee devices would be used on the C-5 along with Alexa/Google Home, weather, etc.


This would be my suggestion.

I'm in a similar boat. I'm slowly moving my C5 apps to an extra C7 I have lying around then want to move the devices off of the C5 to the C8.

Not sure what to do with the C5 after that though :smiley:

Definitely keep the C5 connected and running.

I use my second hub (C7) to run some of my integrations, sometimes to test new integrations/apps, and I've also moved some Zigbee devices to it that the C8 wasn't playing nicely with. Having a "safe harbor" to move those devices to has been very helpful.

It's just nice to have a second hub running. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all! Looks like it'll be the non Z hub. (as side note C8 is working flawlessly although LQI # are not as good as on C5 but response is great and no drop outs)

Hue hub for scenes - cant do that with hubitat...

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On LQI C-ealier vs C8:

On the C-3, watching Zigbee logging for about 5 minutes shows virtually every LQI showing 255 (only a few outliers in the range 217-249). Yet the RSSI's asssociated with events showing LQI 255 ranged anywhere from -73 to -43, making the "LQI = 255" bucket virtually useless to differentiate stronger signals from weaker ones.

With the C-8, the LQI-RSSI correspondence seems to have been recalibrated; there's a much wider spread of LQI values showing up. It would make sense to do this; it would allow better path selection (RSSI's and resulting LQI from both ends of the link ultimately get mapped to 3-bit cost numbers that should give preference to less error prone links).


Starting to play with this now. 1st step Q? Should I reset C5 to factory before any changes? It currently has the orginal setup before transfering to C8.

Reset both Z-Radios and then do a Soft Reset without a restore.

That will save you having to register the same hub again, plus setting location, timezone, etc. if you go down the Full/Factory reset path.

can I have both hubs on at same time while doing above reccomendations?

Yes, but I would encourage you to reset the radios briskly. Take an hour, a day or a week to do the soft reset. :slight_smile:

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I would give the c5 to a kid that is interested in home automation. Maybe throw in a sensor and a light bulb. :slight_smile:

Still need to find someone who needs a c7. Poor thing only got used a few months before the C8 came out.

Maybe offer it to your favorite dev here, if they pay shipping. I've offered HW I was no longer using to a few of the devs who's stuff I use, a good way to give back. :slight_smile:

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