So it begins

Got my hub yesterday, man its small!

Going to take it slow migrating from ST, its hooked, updated and on the network.

One problem so far is that it has the incorrect time zone for my postal code, and it will not let me save any changes i make with the update button.

Anything im missing

For time zone, change it in the UI then reboot the hub, should be ok after that. At least that's what I think I had to do initially. Unless the time zone is actually assigned incorrectly, that would be a support issue.

Good luck with the transition, and welcome!

Changed the time zone and degrees to celsius, pressed update, rebooted but it reverted back to the original settings.

I guess ill open my first support ticket

You're in good hands. HE support is stellar. Welcome to the Hubitat community.

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Got stumbled on that one at start too yesterday. You need to change your location first. Only after the timezone. It did work for me like that lol

Oh save/update between the two

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Support is not only stellar, but so are the people here. Throw your questions out here. Someone is always here to help you. I can be considered an expert on this because I'm ALWAYS bugging the community for answers and I'm never disappointed. Welcome to hubitat. Once your timezone issue gets fixed I'm sure you'll be unstoppable. Good luck. Sleep sometimes.


When you say change location do you mean change the postal code or drag on the map? Ive done both with no success

Dragging on the map.

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I'll try again

My hub is extremely slow in the browser most of the time, Then all of a sudden its snappy. Is it doing things in the background I dont know about?

when i drag in the map, the coordinates are changing, i press update and nothing really happens. I change the time zone and units to celsius and press update again. I back out of the location settings and go back in and its all back to where it was before the changes.

in the field location name, i just have the word Home, should i change that to a geographical location name?

Leave the postal code blank. Postal code only works in the US I think.

took postal code out, but it comes back after i leave settings and go back in

Support than. Almost looks like that the hub is not writing to the DB the new values


Postal codes should be working in Canada and the UK. Do contact though. You will get it sorted in no time.

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Thanks, i put in a ticket when i started this thread.


The hotfix resolved my time zone issue.

I have migrated 12 device over from ST.
4 ikea outlets,
2 ST door contacts,
1 ST motion,
1 ST outlet,
1 Xiaomi leak sensor (NEW)
3 inovelli zwave switches

All pairing went great other than the inovelli took a couple of exclusions from ST to get paired with HE, but it was painless.

I noticed the ST battery powered devices and ikea outlets paired quicker and more reliably than they ever did with ST.

Got my Fire HD10 mounted (Bob Strenger Mount)and powered on sunday. Rooted it, installed fully kiosk, dakboard and sharptools. ( I love sharptools!)

Now just starting to play with rules and finish migrating over the next week or so.


Another update:

I am completely removed from ST now.

Everything went smoothly, zigbee and zwave discovered great.
Sharptools is aweome if you dont mind a bit of cloud lag. really hope they can somehow bake the dashboard into HE. Then HE team could worry about other things.

Now I have 8 more inovelli switches to unbox and install and some xiaomi stuff on its way from aliexpress/gearbest

Thanks to all those that helped me through the pretty much painless process.

I will try and give back as much as i can :slight_smile: