So I’ve decided to build my zigbee network through the hue hub

Do zigbee 3.0 sensors, say temperature work through the hue hub?

AFAIK, only their devices, like the motion sensor.
Our Hue integration doesn't include sensors, only bulbs.
Your automation options will be limited in Hue.



If you're wanting to build a separate Zigbee network, I would personally go this route (in-fact, I have).

This will let you use those inexpensive Xiaomi devices you were asking about. For $45 you can get a Conbee2 Zigbee dongle which works very well with those and many other Chinese devices. IKEA devices do particularly well with it too. The integration will bring them back into HE where you can use them with the far simpler to use automation and better stability. In other words, I use HA as nothing more than a device bridge.

As for the Hue, I keep mine on the Hue bridge. I have it already, it works well and the HE integration is really good.


A question, some more information for you, and a suggested alternative...

First, curious to understand the motivation behind your approach? Seems like you'd be limiting your flexibility unnecessarily.

Second, to add @mike.maxwell there are some exceptions. While you can't pair any ol' zigbee device to a Hue hub there are non-Hue ZLL bulbs you can pair. Not all of them, but many. I use Cree bulbs (notoriously crappy if paired with HE directly) on my Hue hub and they work OK. Not as rock solid as a Hue bulb, but at a fraction of the price.

3rd, a suggestion.

A common practice in building out a zigbee network is to put all your bulbs on the Hue hub and then use the very reliable Hue integration to make those bulbs visible to HE, while keeping any non-bulb devices paired directly with HE. For good measure I also have my Hue hub on a separate zigbee channel. This keeps those nasty sort-of-not-really repeating ZLL bulbs off your nice pristine ZHA network and still gives you the power of HE.

And 4th some more info

Take a look at the CoCoHue community-supported integration. That does support more devices than the built-in integration, including some sensors and outlets.

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Same suggestion as the others. Keep your bulbs on Hue. Build a proper mesh on Hubitat using good zigbee outlets as routers. Then put your zigbee sensors on Hubitat.


This is soo cool

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Also, just from experience, if your AP is close to your Hue hub, watch that they don't get on the same channel.

All the hype about instability and constant maintenance is either grossly exaggerated, or I'm just not seeing it because I keep it simple. No automations of any kind on HA. No complicated integrations. Just Zigbee HA and my Sonos. Have not had any issues. Just silently does the job I need.

I just booted up my h.a after a year, I forgot how complicated it was. Is there no button controller? I integrated lutron but do I have to a the automatic for each button manually?

The integration is for sensors (and a few other devices) back into HE. If you want to do buttons then you will need to do some automation on HA, and use the other integration that goes from HE to HA to expose some virtual switches. I don’t do that. More trouble than it’s worth. I use a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro with the HE integration for my Picos.

Which button controller do u use?

Built in HE 3.1

Curious,mwhy don’t cheap zigbee sensors work with he?

Because cheap sensors do not following normal standard.


This doesn’t work [RELEASE] Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches Driver - #3 by sakara?

They work but don’t stay connected very long. It could possibly be improved in the future, but it hasn't been a priority. The Conbee2 and others work well with certain devices, but that list doesn't include everything. There are devices that are fully compatible with Hubitat, that are not listed compatible with Conbee2 and similar.

I've never found a driver alone solves the issue. YMMV.

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