So I had to restore. questions to how/why/what etc

So yesterday, by c5 was acting a but funny. It started randomly setting off my HSM while I was gone, it said that several motion sensors went off, I checked all my cameras and not even the cats were around setting those off. Some switches and lights would not work correctly. etc. etc. it was weird.

So, rebooted it a few times, and the last straw I got stuck in the 10% lock up.

So I did a soft reset, and restored from an internal backup. (I am so glad that soft resets do not wipe that out)

my question is , what are your thoughts to what has happen?
Also, after a restore, none of my groups seemed to work. there was no on/off option, (Using the Group 2.1) after a reboot they all seemed to show all the options again.

Is there anything I can do to make sure this does not happen.

After a year or so, with little problems (other then the requirement of rebooting each day because it would slow to a crawl, and that seems to have been fixed) I am pretty happy.. Kind of freeked out cause there are a lot of settings that I would not even rember how to reinstate.


I don't know if I can answer your question exactly, but I would do two things.

First I would do an offline (download) backup to your computer on a regular basis. I do one before and after every firmware update, and also if I make big changes. That way you won't lose too much if something happens. At least your rules and automations and things like that will be safe.

If a reboot didn't work, I would have done a full shutdown and remove power. There are times where you need to proper shut down, pull power, and let it sit for about 30-60 seconds before powering back up. Reboot doesn't always cut power to things like the radios, so you have to do the full power down at times.

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This trick works for lots of devices. Most devices these days have some level of power that gets stored inside the electronics and only dissipates with time and/or activity. I cannot tell you how many devices (TV's, Amplifiers, Computers, Printers......) I have "fixed" by turning them off, plug the power cord, click the power button (I know there is none on the hub) to dissipate power, plug the devices back in and fire it up! You'd be surprised what that sequence of events can fix.