So Glad for Hubitat

I just dived in to purchasing/setting up Hubitat for my new home tonight and I can't be any more happier that I decided to go with Hubitat over ST. Don't get me wrong had a good run with ST and having my last house equipped with a SmartHome system including a custom built wall mounted tablet running ActionTiles help to get lots of offers and actually helped sell my last house. But I grew tired of the cloud dependency, not enough local device execution and the delays at inconvenient times didn't win over the wife.
When I dusted off a few of my old GE Link bulbs and started controlling them with Hubitat I had a big smile on my face how fast they operated with no noticeable lag. For me starting all over again with a foundation of using Hubitat I don't know why I waited 6 months to buy it. I am actually considering converting my mothers house over to Hubitat from the STv3 hub as she has had some issues recently where a FW update killed her Konnected integration and I had to flash it this past weekend due to a change ST made.
Thanks to the Hubitat team for a great initial experience, and the UI isn't as bad as some of the reviews I have read make it out to be.
Ok just ordered bunch of new devices to play with this next week, and can't wait to get the ADT system the previous owners converted over to Konnected and up and running.



Welcome to Hubitat! I think I remember you posting photos of your wall mounted tablet in the forum over there? Sounds like you're a well seasoned automation buff. You'll certainly enjoy Hubitat. The community here is the tops too. The founders float around here and help with questions as well. Although there are a ton of well seasoned users around here to share their experiences. I hope that your hubitat experience is as positive as mine was 2 years ago when we purchased and remodeled our home. Please post an update on how you're doing and make sure that you're reaching out when you need. I can't imagine that you'll need much help, so I anticipate seeing you giving me the answers to problems. Welcome to the rabbit hole. See you on the other side!


So, you actually sold your old system with your old house? How are you doing that? You're transferring the ST hub to the new owners? Were they ST users before buying the house? What about actiontiles? It's not free, so they will have to sign up and set it up themselves, right? I've just never heard of a DIY system like ST or Hubitat being a plus when it comes to selling a home. All the real estate agents I've talked to and all of the articles I've read on the subject recommend removing a DIY system like Hubitat or ST before listing a house. Only professionally installed systems like Control4 can sometimes be a plus but only then if you're able to find a buyer who wants it. If not, it can actually bring the house down in value, since it requires a maintenance contract.

You new house had a ST system in it before you moved in? Where do you live that so many people have Home automation systems?

You might want to put these back in the drawer and let them collect more dust. Some would argue they are better used as paper weights than light bulbs. I have no personal experience with them but they are known for causing problems on your zigbee mesh and will cause issues for other devices. Do a quick search on the forum and see the dozens of posts of people with problems. Here's a quote from resident device guru Mike Maxwell of the Hubitat team.

And he's seen just about everything out there.

@Ryan780 Yes when I sold the house I was able to contact ST support and I registered a new email address which was my old home and added to my account then removed my personal email address. I never formally did a transfer of ownership to the new owners but I left my contact info if they ever have to reset the hub and need me in order to the the activation code. I also had Action Tiles setup and did the same by changing out my email all went very well and just gave them my license. Now with Hubitat and its Dashboard don't need it. Yeah my real estate agent was all for it, as long as I agreed to document things, list all my accounts/passwords and was clear to the new owners in writing that the system was as/is and there was no guarantee or expressed warranty or support. I still gave the new owner (young couple just married) email support to help him with a few things, but just sent him to the ST community for anything else. I had a bidding war on the house of course my composite deck, hardwood floors and all new bathrooms and kitchen didn't hurt (did all the work myself).

The place I moved into had a old ADT alarm system with "DSM" control pad (and phone hookup). I already had all the doors and windows downstairs and up hard wired (reed switches) along with a motion sensor in a configuration of total of six zones. One Konnected board took care of all the 17 contact switches/ motion sensor and was able to supply power the two sirens. The other great benefit to not having to buy smart contact sensors for 17 windows and doors ($$$$) was the control panel had a backup battery that was being charged and I was able to tap off of it to power my system direct from that battery so immune to power outages. Well I still need to put in a battery on the Hubitat hub and my wifi router to be up in a power outage.
I smiled about you comment about the GE Link bulbs, got those way back when I first started out with the Wink hub before going to ST. I eventually removed them due to problems (having to repair randomly) all and had gone to Sengled bulbs but those went with the old house. I just had them laying around when the Hubitat hub arrived and put two bulbs in just to play around. Man I loved the fast response with this hub interacting with the bulbs.
I just ordered 8 Zooz dimmers and swiches and think will just be swapping out the light switches in this house vs using bulbs, might still use a few. Any good recommendations for ones without any problems. I'll probably be pulling the out soon as I order some others. Yeah all my Link bulbs have water in them, so not too keen on using them anyways.

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