So frustrating these aren't available with zigbee

Very nice looking outlet with international sockets and USB.

Sadly wifi only (yet again) :rage:

#Aliexpress THB 1,372.27 51%OFF | ASEER UK usb socket with,Touch Glass Panel universal WIFI wall socket with Timer function ,compatible alexa,google assistant

WiFi devices are taking over, guys. It's unstoppable.

Been pretty reliant on dying competitors to drive Hubitat sales. Between Iris and Wink, we've gotten a lot of great new users here. The next wave of new users will be those WiFi converts, right?? So.. go WiFi. Sooner they get a bunch the sooner they will see the light. :smiley: (Good pun?)


I would if I was smart enough to create a local driver for it :smiley:

It can probably be flashed with Tasmota, try one :wink: They look nice

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