So fed up with motion sensors :(

@csteele thank you for the idea, I am going to try the Motion Zone 'False Motion Reduction' mode.
I have collected so many motion sensors in the last year so that I can put two motion sensors (of a different make/model) in every room now... The only problem that I may have is with my better half - she already started complaining when noticed new sensors placed everywhere in the house... But hopefully, I will handle it! : )

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I did actually consider putting a thread across the access space with a contact sensor so the contact would be broken if someone tries to walk through it

It sent two falses in a row again. This is bothering me. What's happening to the active = true events that are meant to be happening in between false?

Then when the thread is broken, a switch turns off, de-activating a solenoid causing an anvil to be released and drop on the intruders head!!!!!!! :wink: :joy:
You have me thinking now............................ :thinking:

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Two guesses: if you're using a custom driver, maybe it's doing something odd. More likely, since this is outside, maybe you're at the fringe of your range and some of the messages it's sending to the hub are getting lost.


I think you could be right. There should be a repeater in range as the crow flies but in that particular place the signal would have to travel obliquely within a brick wall (crows usually don't fly in walls). I'll try putting it opposite a window. Though when the Hue was in that exact place it didn't miss a thing

I will also try switching back to the generic zigbee driver

Well, I extended the roof on the birdhouse so it couldn't see any leaves moving and the sun doesn't shine on it. No difference. I've turned it to face the wall. Some reduction in alerts but still not helpful.

I think this sonoff is probably only useful for living in a dark closet to automatically turn on its light.

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ACME makes one of those :wink:


Yes but I hear it only works on coyotes


Is it the Sonoff SNZB-03?
I have given up with these. Too many false motion alerts.
I even put one in a cardboard box. Completely sealed.
Still got motion detection every couple of days.
Tried new batteries and tweaking the battery contacts to make them tighter on the battery. No joy.
Sold them all on ebay.



I am using the SNZB-03 in our "powder room" (WC) and have not experienced any false positives yet :crossed_fingers: . I am using a C5 for my Zigbee devices but I don't think that makes any difference.

I went for about 6 months with no problems. Then they started giving issues. At first I thought it must be batteries starting to run low. Changed batteries. Tried different manufacturers of batteries all to no avail.
In the end I just gave up with them. I now have Tuya motion sensors. The only problem with these is that when the batteries get low, they report motion, correctly, but do not go inactive until triggered again. Change the batteries and all is good again.

EDIT: Have you had to change batteries with these yet? What manufacturer of batteries are you using? Just wondering if this is the issue. Maybe I haven't tried the 'right' battery. :man_shrugging:
I still have 2 in my 'gizmo' draw, don't ask me why, and could do some more testing.

I have not - I installed this on Feb 22, 2022 so not quite there yet. The battery is still reporting 100% which seems weird.

Will definitely keep an eye out though so thank you for the heads up.

I had this happen with some really cheap smart color bulbs - "Liokke". Worked great for a bit then after a few months started to fail - flickering, color went out etc. Happened to ALL the bulbs I installed so it was definitely some sort of design/manufacturing defect.

The best motion sensors I've used here in the States are the old Iris ones.. they just keep working and are very quick. Have hacked some of them to be powered by USB.


Unfortunately no longer available. The old Smart Things ones were pretty good too.

NYCE makes some very good ones as well but they are expensive and hard to find - also don't know if they are available outside the US or not.

Exactly my standard use case for these.

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Lol on my dashboard the indicator is never off - as soon as it says inactive it says active again. I reckon its not looking for moving bands of contrasting heat, just uses the absolute temperature - eg temperature of warm day or night = person present

For my basic usage, I've had good results with the Ikea Tradfri motion sensors, but they're not supported by Hubitat.

The other ones I use that are Hubitat supported are from ThirdReality.
Powered by a pair of AAA batteries, which is a nice bonus .

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I don't think I've seen those for sale in the UK?

I get mine from Amazon in Canada.

I just checked the UK site, and they aren't on it.