So confused - controlling multiple devices

Hi folks, had my hub for a good while but not really explored it as used Alexa to control a mix of WiFi and zigbee devices together.

Still want Alexa but moving the WiFi stuff out and zigbee in.

Thought I understood (but clearly don't ) groups scenes etc.

My devices are nearly all plug outlets controlling simple on/off function.

I'm also looking at hubivue rather than the inbuilt dashboard as it looks nicer.

Hope you're still with me :blush:

So for single devices I’ve got simple automations for ‘switch on at 10pm’ type situations. Or of course the ability to add a dashboard tile for that single device.

But for multiple lamps on outlets (so only on/off) I’m struggling. Currently I make a virtual switch (call it V1), and I make rule that says V1 switched on triggers L1, L2 and L3 on as well so all 3 lamps come on.

But then I get confused, what if I want to only have 2lights on, I can make another virtual switch with 2 lights but it only works if all lights are off to begin with.

So I think I need a scene, in this example 3 devices on could be ‘bright’, 2 ‘dim’ and 1 ‘Chill’. So is that 1 group containing all 3 real devices and 3 scenes ? (Still only talking on/off not real brightness per lamp).

I just want to be able to say ‘(or have dashboard button ) Alexa Bright and 3 lamps come on, ‘dim’ 2 lamps on (including switching off one if need be) etc etc

I can easily do an Alexa routine but wanted it on a local dashboard in case the ‘lady in the box’ fails with internet issues.

Thankyiu if you’ve got this far, feels like I’m overthinking. Help appreciated (video link even better)

You will want to use room lighting. On apps click Add Built in Apps and add Room Lighting. You could either make two separate RL instances for each scene, or if you preference changes depending on the time of day you could set it up multiple different ways for different times of the day.

Here is an example where I have two different RL for dim and bright. Since I have dimmers they both use all the same lights just at different levels, but they would not have to.

Here is an example where I have different levels set for different times of the day.
(Partial example of the modes setup for this RL)

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Thank you so much. Will give it a good try and see how I get on :+1:

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