So am I right that Arlec Grid Connect is a no go with Hubitat?

My builder put in some strip lighting and used two Arlec Grid Connect strips joined together. From my brief research it seems like this can’t be managed through Hubitat (short of soldering wires and flashing firmware etc which I have no interest in doing).

I can set these up in Google Home and the Tuya app sees them…but just want to confirm there is no (relatively easy) way to get them in Hubitat?

There is a Tuya custom driver, your strips may be supported. I would not say it's super easy to set up but if I managed it anyone can.

I have the Grid Connect flood light which is not supported by the driver at this time. For this I use IFTTT with it's Hubitat and Smart Life integrations. It's not local but at least I can incorporate the light into my Hubitat rules.

Your post got me thinking, now that Hubitat switches can be used as triggers in Google Home household routines you might be able to control the lights that way.

Cheers. I’ll give that a try.

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