Snips - Local voice control. Any chance this will be available for HE anytime soon?


I am very very intrigued by the idea and concept behind Snips. In fact, technology like Snips, is what steered me towards the Hubitat in the first place. Local Control of my HA world.

Has anyone looked into this?


very intriguing ... however I thought their video was way off the mark. On one hand marketing towards someone who thought programming a remote control was difficult...then a project to make your coffee that requires taking apart the coffee maker, a 3d printer and soldering and programming. I think they need to stick to it's a tinkerers paradise rather than a solution for a techno-newb.


Another alternativa to mycroft....


I agree with you as it is an interesting product I would prefer to have Snips instead of Alexa integration at all the times when internet provider is not providing :wink:

Hubitat and Snips promote the same possibility - offline stability, would make sense to have partnership on products that extend the idea. And perfect product is for those who code allowing newbies to have a "normal" environment.