Snapshot Tile has Dividing Line

I have a couple of tiles in snapshot that have a dividing line between the devices which is causing the bottom device in the tile to be cut off.
How do you fix this? thanks


You will need to make the tile bigger.

@bptworld Why do only 2 of them have a line in it? I increased the height but the line remains.

The line segregates on/off or open/closed. I personally like the line.

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@bjcowles, @bptworld Ok, I see the separation but now when you increase the height of a couple of them and if you tiles exceed the bottom of the window the bottom tile is cut off. There is no vertical scroll on the right side to see the bottom part of the screen.

When I build my dashboards, I always add more rows than I'll need to the grid size. This makes them scrollable on my phone. In case it helps at all, for my Snapshot dash, I have Column Width at 150 and Row Height at 160 and everything fits in the tiles.

@bjcowles That works really well. Thanks for the tip.

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