Smoke Detector - Not Nest Protect

I have 5 Nest Protects and I know that I can integrate them into HU through the Home automation with a Plug-in. However, I have gotten to the point that I think these are crap. I think since I have put them in I have had to replace just about all of them at $120 apiece just because they just go bad. In fact two of them need to be replaced again in the next few months according to the Nest App. I have been reading many posts and it seems that there are only a few smoke detectors integrated into HU one being the first Alert ZCOMBO-G and the other being Aqara/ Xiaomi which we all know have a hard time staying on the network. (With the Ikea repeaters I am having a lot better success with these devices).

So with that am I missing anything that could work or at least seem to work so far?

If the app is telling you they need to be replaced in a few months, then that should not come as a surprise. The gen 1 Nests brick themselves after 7 years and the gen 2 after 10. Were yours manufactured long ago?

If First Alert had come out with their wired Z-Wave smoke alarm like they planned, I would have gone with those last year when I replaced several old Nests. But I found a good deal on the Nests and ended up buying more.

I dislike current gen smoke alarms because they no longer allow you to silence nuisance alarms if the detection level is above a certain threshold, which is below the threshold reached when I'm cooking.

I have the Alert ZCOMBO-G for 3 years now without any issues. My furthest detector needs a new battery once a year and the the others I have not had to touch yet.

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Actually I replaced a few after 4 years and these are about 6 years. How much sense does that make? I guess that is their way to make more moeny

I’ve mostly given up on smart smoke detectors. I started using Ecolink firefighters so that I could use any smoke/CO detector I want.

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I guess that is the route I will go. I will not buy another nest no matter how much I can get them for. I replace all my tstats with Ecobee's about two years ago. I had three of them. One stopped working and Nest would not replace and the other two with the move to Google.....not worth the headache.

Don't forget to add automations once you have them connected beyond just alerting you.

I have an automation that states which room the fire was detected in on all my alexa speakers. It also turns on all my lights at 100% brightness and turns off my HVAC system. I also get a push notification.

For carbon monoxide I do something similar, but turn on the fan of my HVAC.

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Me too. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these again. The batteries seem to last forever compared with regular smoke detectors I’ve had in the past.