Smoke Alarm -> Sonos Voice Alert

Hi folks .. new to HE and I setup Hubitat Safety Monitor with my smoke/CO2 sensors etc. In the Monitor I have it setup for "speech device" to send a message to all my Sonos speakers. Does this work and is there a way for me to simulate a test? I guess I could set off a smoke sensor and see but was wondering if there's another way?


It could depend on your smoke detector. Which one are you using?


I suppose that each and every smoke detector might be working slightly different, but by pressing and holding the test button on any of ours, it will be triggered. They are also tied into a very simple RM-rule to stop our HVAC when triggered. Clearly we do not use any audio alerts, but the logic will remain the same.

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Thanks - First Alert Z-Combo. I was hoping not to set them off though to test the audio alert :slight_smile:

Thanks - I have it configured similar .. wanted to know of a way though to simulate the alarm vs actually triggering it possibly?

The Zcombo doesn't send an actual alarm trigger when pushing the test button (I have a couple), so HSM doesn't alert when the physical button is pressed.

I just thought of something though.

If you create a virtual device and assign the "virtual smoke detector" driver, you can manually put it into "detected" and "clear" states from the device settings page.

Add that detector to your HSM rule, trigger it from the device page as above, and your HSM rule alert should run? I haven't actually tried this, so I can't say whether it'll actually work.

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Thanks .. I'll try that with virtual smoke and see. I did also setup a rule that @Carl mentioned above for turning off the HVAC and ran that through a test successfully - thanks for that, great idea!

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