Smartwings Zigbee Shade - Refresh

I'm trying to create a rule that refreshes some of these buggy shades but I noticed it's missing the "Refresh" capability, even though it has the refresh command. Since this is a built in driver, what's the process for making this change?

In RM, use the "Run Custom Action" option. For the "Select capability of action device" option, select either "Window Shade" or "Window Blind" (I don't know which one Smartwings falls under).

Then for the "Select custom command" option, select "refresh".

Something that I should be aware of, as a SmartWings novice? I just installed a ZigBee shade last weekend and have not yet noticed any bad behavior.

These shades aren't buggy. Refreshing device state isn't required when a zigbee network is functioning optimally.

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Well, I've had 8 of them for more than a year now. They're on top floor and the hub is in the basement, so as you can imagine chances are they would prefer to connect via a repeater rather than directly.

Right now, maybe 1 out of 10 times, one of them either doesn't open / close at all or doesn't report the correct status. This is after I started replacing some old zigbee switches that were working fine, but which I suspected were bad repeaters. It's been better now, and I can live with this rather than dump every zigbee repeater in the house just to make my shades more reliable. Oh and I also bought a bunch of zigbee outlets and that seem to have improved reliability.

I agree that it might not be the shades' fault, but I also couldn't figure out who the culprit was.

BTW - never had any issues with Z-wave devices and I have quite a few.