Smartwings Shaades which ones

Buying smartwings zebra shades for HE C7. Which motor, ZigbEE or Matter. I want the easiest to pair then the best functionality. I have Alexa in home. Not going to do any sophisticated routines (I'm old now). Would the Matter be used as a meshed device for Zigbee? Which one guys?

Watching for the experts to weigh in.

Iā€™m looking to buy some of these as well. Iā€™m thinking of zwave because I have a lot of mains powered zwave devices. There is one blind that will be a levitate so that will be matter.

Edit: I installed some ikea blinds in some windows that worked with their limited widths. These are zigbee and have been great so far.

I use zwave, with a gerenic shade driver. It works well (only at 40 KBs) but i have a strong zwave mesh.

There is a dedicated zigbee driver for these, that may work for you. And im a huge fan of Matter over wifi (about 10 matter devices in HE) but theae are expensive shades, and Matter over thread seems a bit "new" in this application. If you have lots of Matter over thread experience with other devices, go for it, But i personally wouldnt make these my first Matter devices

I would go with zwave or zigbee, whatever mesh is strong close to you shade location, and whichever protocol you have a basic preference with.

That all said, I'm very happy with my Zeaves, and just bought 3 more for a bedroom. Of course, YMMV.

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