SmartThings Water Leak Sensor Output

Hello all. Working on getting a water sensor going to keep an eye on basement humidity. I grabbed a SmartThings Water Leak sensor since they are affordable. I've got it paired well and working but I'm curious if there is any way to get it to output humidity in a percentage or measurement? Currently all I get back is:
This is fine, but "wet/dry" is a bit ambiguous. If there isn't a way to force something quantitative out does anyone else have recommendations for a humidity sensor for a basement?

Edit: Seems I've bought the wrong sensor.


wet and dry is not humidity it simply detects water between the 2 contacts.
That sensor does not detect humidity

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No, there is no humidity sensor on the device.

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You may wish to consider a number of Zigbee sensors that are Temperature & Humidity:
Konke, Tuya, Blitzwolf, etc.
Available from for a reasonable price.

I no longer recommend Xiaomi Aqara (even though they are reasonably priced) because of their unique requirements. Your mileage may vary.

There is also a Centralite temperature/humidity sensor available in North America.

P.S. There doesn't appear to be any native Hubitat generic Zigbee device handler for this type of device. I have put in a request for such a device, but the head honchos are (I'm sure ) quite busy with C7 issues at the present, so I didn't want to push the case.

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Thank you for the recommendations! Definitely seems like I got the wrong sensor, but at least it wasn't that expensive.

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THere are several choices on the z-wave side as well that are supported by Hubitat. For example this one:

That being said, I have 8 of the Konke sensors mentioned by @jtmpush18, and they have worked well for about a year. They're also pretty accurate. The only caveat is that the Hubitat zigbee channel has to be set to 15, 20, or 25.

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And then there is @iharyadi's

It may be overkill for your purpose but I have 9 of these and they are great! And not bad at $30, or was it $28. :thinking: One thing though, if you do get one be aware that the humidity sensor will likely read quite low for a few weeks due to "damage" from the soldering process. But you can set offset values for it in the device detail page to get reasonable readings in the mean time. It will come around and the response time on all the sensors is second to none. Being a Zigbee repeater is helpful too although it does need to be plugged into mains power.


Also look at the Sonoff devices. Not the prettiest but are cheap.


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