Smartthings Smart Outlet Model # F-OUT-US-2

Does anyone have a custom driver available for these devices. Generic Zigbee Outlet partially works (turns outlet on/off) but hubitat doesn't show device on/off state or power usage. Also, with generic driver device status is always listed as "incactive".

Thanks in advance!

Bummer to hear this device doesn’t work with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver! I have one on order arriving next week to replace a Zwave outlet. Hopefully @mike.maxwell can create a driver for it.

Once I receive mine I will try an ST edited version to see if I can get it to work.

@halfrican.ak I got my smart outlet in the mail today. Tried to pair it and the Hubitat isn’t even finding it. I am having similar issues with the water leak sensors.

Did you do anything special to get your smart outlet paired as a device?

Patience, it took several minutes before it was discovered.

Got mine paired this morning and yes tested my patience! I used the generic Zigbee outlet driver, set automatic power reporting preference, which is off by default, and power starts reporting.

Yes, power reporting works, but I still get no ON/OFF State?

Same here. Button controller doesn’t seem to work with it either, probably because its not reporting the on / off state.

Nevermind. Button controller will do the On or Off command, but wont toggle the outlet. Most likely because it doesn’t know it’s current state.

@mike.maxwell some love for this one please.

i know its from them other guys ... but do it for us. :slight_smile:

Amazon's chucking one on my porch tomorrow...


btw today was my first power reporting device on hubitat with one of these outlets ... definitely prefer the hubitat implementation of power event based on change threshold vs every event.

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It's all in the configuration, nothing trick going on...

right ,.. that one little configuration keeps the app from getting flooded with power events ... would have worked even better when cloud processing :wink:

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The driver for generic zigbee outlet has been updated to work with the new ST outlet.
The update will be in the next release.
Be sure to click configure to apply the report and binding configurations after the update.


post your home address please ... need to chuck a few more things on your porch tomorrow :wink:

Sure, as long as it's not weird quasi compliant Chinese stuff...

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sounds like this one is not happening any time then? :slight_smile:

Right now I have more than enough to do just dealing with less fidgety devices. I'm not closing the door on them.

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