Smartthings Sensors not working much at all

Recently made the switch from SmartThings. And as much as I don't mean to start out hot here, oh my god was Hubitat over hyped. I've had exponentially more problems with Hubitat than I ever did with SmartThings. And it's not a matter of not being able to program the logic. I was a Webcore exclusive user on ST.
EDIT: I played with the SmartThings Multipurpose sensor, tried V5 instead of SmartSense v4 (what Hubitat picked) and set it to 'Normal' axis reporting and now I'm golden.

I have a ST motion sensor. It reports temperature just fine. It's always stuck on inactive. A week or so ago I changed the device type to something random and then back to the correct type, and then it immediately kicked back in. For about 2 days. Now the motion sensor is slightly less reliable than watching vibration on a glass of water.

What on Earth is going on here? Any suggestions? Please, please help.

First off, welcome to the community.

Based on your Edit, does that mean that your problem is solved?

You mentioned that you had exponentially more problems with Hubitat. What other problems have you had? There are plenty of helpful people here in the community anxious to help.

Are you running both hubs simultaneously? Are they on different Zigbee channels? (hopefully not on the same one!)

Do you only have these sensors, or do you have line powered devices which act like repeaters?

Is your hub too close to sources of interference like a Wifi router?

To be honest, was rather frustrated upon posting. That's our quarantine life, I suppose.

The MultiPurpose appears to be fixed. It just required me picking an entirely different device driver than Hubitat chose and then toggling a setting.

The motion sensor I'm not as sure on as I've fixed it before. I tried to hit configure and refresh and still nothing. So I applied a temperature offset setting - I don't care about that feature - and then did a refresh and the motion sensor began working again. After putting the period on that sentence I walked through the kitchen just to test and it is still working.

As for the other response, Smartthings was disconnected the day I got hubitat and I'm not having any connectivity issues at all. I'm having driver issues. So my hubs location isn't an issue. Again, zero connectivity issues as some features of both devices still updated when changes occurred, but I have a very fleshed out zigbee mesh full of repeaters. Literally one in every room so the furthest device is maybe 10ft from a repeater and each repeater is maybe 20ft from another. In a 1400sq ft ranch. So ya. I do appreciate you taking the time to try to assist, though.

The only other major complaint I have is the inability - possibly mine - to edit a rule. For example, if time > x. I can't figure out how to just change the X without deleting the rule and creating a new one. Not a big deal but just a poor UX if that is truly the case.

You can edit rules, but it isn't the most intuitive. You usually have to delete a portion of the statement, and add it back in. It just depends upon where you are in the RM.

I also would copy your rule, pause the copy, then edit the copied rule rather than possibly bork an otherwise working rule.

Depending upon what you are trying to accomplish, you are much better sticking with Motion Lighting, Simple Automation (formerly Simple Lighting) and so on.

Can you post a screenshot of the rule so we can see what you want to edit? That may help to identify what you have to do.

And I get you with the CV19 frustration, I am a introverted homebody, and even I am getting a bit stir crazy.