SmartThings plug gone very strange

I have a Samsung SmartThings zigbee plug operating a fan heater in my kitchen. Suddenly today it turned on apparently by itself. I was standing near a Google Nest hub so I voiced the command to turn it off which it did. I went to check the logs to see if I could spot what had triggered it and there is nothing for that device either in logs or events even though my settings for those are enabled. Off and On commands work - though noticeably slower. But again record no events. Google Hub shows it turning on and then straight off again (even tho it's actually still running) but presumably it sent no confirmation.

I've not tried anything yet in case anyone was interested in me trying any experiments. If not, my next thing will be to power cycle it, and ultimately disconnect it before I go to bed at least

I've read there is a thing called "routines" in Alexa, and Google may have similar. It's where the "system" knows what you usually do and carries it out for you. In other words..."Minority Report"

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Yes, I do have Google and Alexa. Alexa is not linked to my hubitat any more. But if Google had done it, it would have been via the hub and I'd expect a trace in the logs or event list. This device I have just found out has NO events in its entire history even though I have had it a long time.

Is there any chance this meets or exceeds the max wattage/amperage specs for the plug? If so, maybe you have a hardware malfunction now. Even it it doesn't, motor loads are problematic for some devices, which is why some companies liked Zooz makes ones designed specifically for heavier loads.

It is possible. On paper it shouldn't be a mismatch but it's an old heater and it might be doing strange things. After a power cycle the plug is working again fine but I will probably revise the equipment for that location.