SmartThings Outlet Not Responding on Dashboard


I have a few Samsung SmartThings Outlet [GP-U999SJVLDAA] outlets and they add as a device with no issue but when added to dashboards, they do not respond or report status correctly.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Again

Did you modify the driver for the device? It should use the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver. If it isn't, when you change the driver, be sure to hit save and then hit Configure.

Yes it is.


The weirdest thing just happened though, I hit configure and it seems to work now after a week or so of not responding. So weird.

Thanks Again

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Thanks for the tip. I had the same problem, after I hit configure it started working on the dashboard as well. I was going nuts :wink:

Normally you don't have to do that, but occasionally you do. This often happens if you change the driver, or if it comes through as "device".

Either way, glad it worked for you.