Smartthings Multisensor

Could someone explain these two preferences on the Smartthings Multisensor?

The "garage door" setting will set open/close state based on the "xyz" coordinates of the device, so it will report "open" when the door is raised because the sensor is oriented one way, and "closed" when the door is down because the sensor is oriented in the other direction. For this, you do not need the magnet piece, which is how open/close works otherwise. As the name suggests, this won't make much sense unless you're using this on a garage or other overhead door.

The second setting controls whether "xyz" (three-axis) reporting happens at all. It's likely not available when in garage door mode because those values are used for a different purpose, but the option is presumably here at all because if you don't actually want to detect position changes, disabling this will cut down on reporting from the device and, in turn, events on Hubitat. If yours were enabled, you'd see a "threeAxis" attribute under "Current States" in your screenshots with X, Y, and Z coordinate values.

The Multisensor is mounted under my mailbox to detect vibration which lets me know there is mail.

The options for Three Axis Reporting is disable, normal and maximum. Does this apply to vibration or only if there is a change in orientation if it's attached to a garage door?

If I i'm just looking for vibration, what is the proper setting for Three Axis?

You can disable the 3 axis reporting. The sensor will report acceleration without it.

The acceleration will be trigger with both of those off. However for my sensors, the acceleration portion is very hit and miss. Sometimes they work as expected but I have several that are stuck with the acceleration = active and don't go back to inactive. If you set the Three Axis reporting to Normal or Maximum then it will pick up heavy vibrations too but I am not too sure how well these sensors will work for what you are doing. If the mailbox is near the street, you may get a lot of false positives. I think using it as an actual contact sensor or even mounting it to the mailbox door as a Garage Door sensor would give you better results.

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