SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

I have a SmartThings Multipurpose sensor circa 2015 with the CR2450 battery. I can get the guy to pair right off the bat with it automatically selecting the SmartSence Multi Sensor v4. I'm having trouble getting the contact state to pull up. I get acceleration, battery, temperature, and three axis (all values are reporting correctly). I just can't get the contact state to pull in. I've tried un-pairing then re-pairing, changing the sensor type to all three of the Multi Sensor types, and some generic ones as well. No luck. Any ideas on what I can try next?

The auto-detected driver should be the correct one. Are you pairing it close to the hub, if not try that. Another thing to try is to select "configure" from the device settings page and then trying opening and closing the contact a couple times. I've found that sometimes devices don't fully "configure" during the setup and choosing configure and then moving the magnet a couple times can help.

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Well, pairing it closer to the hub worked. I got off my lazy butt and scooted about 5 foot closer and all is working now. I wouldn't have thought being about 10 foot from the hub would have been too far. I appreciate the help!

Sometimes WiFi interference can cause issues with initial discovery. That's why I always try to be as close as possible during setup.

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