SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5 acceleration question

In order to make sure acceleration was tied to my HSM, I created virtual switch to go active if there is any vibration.

Is there a better way?

How are you incorporating the virtual switch into HSM? HSM allows Shock Sensors, so what I would do is create a Virtual Shock Sensor device and then tie the acceleration status to the virtual shock sensor and add the virtual shock sensor to HSM.

Your rule to control the virtual shock sensor could look like the below. Would be nice to do this with the built in “Mirror” app, but unfortunately it doesn’t support shock sensors (I’m going to put in a feature request for that functionality.)

It's a virtual motion sensor right now. I'll change it to a virtual shock sensor.

Yeah, I don’t think you can use a switch to trigger HSM. Only Contact, Motion, and Shock.

If you’re interested in using the mirror app (looks like you’re a webCoRE fan though), it just dawned on me that you could mirror the acceleration sensor to contact sensor or motion to then be used in HSM

I use the mirror app for a couple things but it falls short in other ways.

Bond Fan can't adjust the speed without the Hubitat dashboard, tried to do a virtual fan to mirror, didn't work.

Yeah, I don’t use it either. I tried the mirror app, simple rules app, etc., but I always end up in Rule Machine because I always want to do advanced, custom stuff that they don’t provide.

Is anyone using the XYZ data in RM5 or WebCoRE ?