Smartthings Multi-purpose Sensor/Water Sensor (2018)


Just picked up a couple of each of the new Multi-purpose sensor and Leak Sensor (2018) models from local best buy. They didn't have them on the shelf and couldn't "find" them so I ordered online for in-store pickup (at the same location) and an hour later they were ready for pickup :roll_eyes:.

I was able to get both to pair as "devices" with no issue.

Water sensor seems to be working perfectly with generic zigbee water sensor driver and is reporting battery and temperature.

Multi-purpose sensor won't show open/close state with the Samsung Multi V4 driver, but shows open/close, temperature, and battery level with generic zigbee contact sensor. Seems like you may need one in-hand to be able to get the acceleration and orientation states working, but I'll experiment with the other Samsung drivers to see if I can get it going (I have doubts since it looks like a new oem). In case anyone is curious, the strength of the magnet is REALLY high compared to last generation and compared to both versions of the dome sensors i've used, It seems to detect from 1.5" or more away!

I have attached screenshots of both fingerprints so you can get them added to generic drivers to get folks started.


Mark, someone just posted over in ST community that the new gen of ST products are available at Lowes Canada now (previously Lowe's Canada didn't have any ST products other than the mesh WiFi). Do these Multi-Purpose sensors work with HE now? I'm most interested in the acceleration feature.

According to @mike.maxwell he couldn't find any states for acceleration when he was playing with his. Also Samsung doesn't specify that it does in their advertising if I remember correctly. But contact, and temp work perfectly.

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Hmm, so maybe Lowe's product description is wrong?

"The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor detects whether it is open or closed as well as monitors temperature and vibration"

Did you ever get the vibration stuff working with Hubitat? According to Product Docs it has a vibration sensor

I paired one again today, gave it a good shake, squadoosh..., nothin'....
Maybe some day I'll pair it to st and see what it does.

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Meh, I've moved on. Have one of these Aqara vibration sensors on the way. $7.50 was the right price.

I was having the same issue. I just realized that Hubitat put the device type v4 drivers by default. I changed the type to V5 and then enabled the three axis reporting options and now everything works as it should.

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