SmartThings motion Sensor

I’ve got 4 Smartthings motion sensors( sts-ipm-250) I bought off eBay. None of them will connect to Hubitat. Smartthings support says to hold the connect button for 5 sec. and the led will flash red. All I get is a double flash blue every few seconds. I tried removing the battery and holding the connect button while reinserting and still only get the double blue flash. Any advice on getting these to work?

check the battery or better replace one with a NEW one and try to redo the pairing.
Batteries can be tricky. Testing the voltage won't give you a real clue because the voltage can be good but the entire process will fail.
And even I give you a good advice here, I was myself fooled.
I had a leak sensor (Smartthings) that reported always as wet.
Of course I suspected the battery and... I replaced it with a new battery taken from a unopened smartthings leak sensor box. The battery reported 100% but the leak sensor reported wet again.
So, I had to admit that my sensor was defective... And ready to return to the seller (warranty).

Just before sending the unit back, I put a new battery from a stock I ordered/received days ago.
The defective leak sensor was running then OK (dry) !!! The culprit was a "new" battery from a new box that was reporting 100%...

So my final advice is: test your units with FRESH NEW BATTERIES.
Have a good day.

I can’t find this anywhere.. Are you sure about that model number?


Auto correct got me on the model. I’ll grab better ones but I’m skeptical that all four would have that issue.

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Ok.. So yea.. I have 1 of these still working.. ST pushed some bad firmware updates a while back the bricked most of mine.. I’m wondering if that happened to these..

And, if that were the case, I’m guessing there’s no way to tell through Hubitat?

Plus the battery life on those coin cells was terrible.. I replaced most of my motion sensors with the iris v2 models.. They are fast and have a decent battery.. I got then for cheap off ebay too..

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You are correct there.. I remember when it happened.. (I was on ST at the time) All of a sudden my motion lighting stopped working all over the place..

Double blue flashes is low battery. I have 10 of these sensors.
To reset. Remove the battery. Hold the reset button and insert the battery. Release when blue light on.
Really crappy design for battery holder as well. Impossible to insert battery while holding the button. Yeah, battery life sucks too :grin:

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New batteries did the trick. Thanks guys.

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Just kidding, it worked on 1 out of 4. I’ll come back to this later.

So you changed all 4 batteries and only one is working right now? While the other 3 still have 2 blue flashes?

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