SmartThings |Hubitat| Wifi devices

If I put some WiFi devices on SmartThings Hub and use the Hub linker (st mode) will I get access to them through Hubitat?

I already did this but don't see the wifi devices in Hubitat. Is that because Hubitat only supports LAN?

NO, that would have nothing to do with it. It might have to do with what TYPE of devices they are. What devices are they?

I have an arlo cam in there I could automate but I have an issue with their cloud service but probably won't now.

What I was really hoping for was getting my Nest Hello in there and automating a light to blink. I wasn't expecting that to work. Virtual device maybe? IDK.

Nest? As what type of device? There is not Doorbell capability so it would have to use a button. Well, button devices are managed differently in Hubitat so I don't know if that will work.

And as far as your cameras, hub connect will not help you get those into Hubitat.

Thanks! I didn't have high hopes.

The Nest is a Hello doorbell and a button is all I need but SmartThings won't recognize them either. Yeah, no kidding.

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