SmartThings Core SDK


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I read this is they want to exit the free compute/memory for home automation. So you have to provide your own node.js server in some form.

  • You can run one locally
  • You can use one in the cloud.

This server will either communicate directly to your hub, or thru their cloud to your hub for device control. Direct for many will be a lot of networking fun getting security right if compute is not local. Openning ports on home networks for Joe Average never goes well.

So for many it stays cloud based, you may now be dependent on two clouds (compute and ST)

Or it may be local, but you are dependent on two local systems for automations to work...

Oh btw, get ready to rewrite most everything. I'm unclear on the dashboard, I guess their mobile app is devices only, but perhaps you will be forwarding any UI in your apps to their cloud....unclear to me.

If they keep slowing down their compute cloud, they can decide to make the new architecture
'better" anytime they want. I expect HE to always be faster.

This mandated update (at some point) will only cost you 8-9$ month for cloud compute, plus all the complexity for backup restore of multiple systems. I guess they are pushing the Glitch because they have some relationship, given the $$ moving to them.

Marketing suggestion for HE

  • create a bigger hub you can run a nodeJS server in
  • sell it as compute for ST
    • I would guess with maker, you could emulate their REST API in about 2 weeks.
  • then remind folks you don't need a cloud to do all this.

(what a mess)


Hubitat Hub as ST compute server. That's hilarious.


As an FYI there is a SmartThings npm package

While the Maker API has reduced my need for such capabilities there are still features of interest to the Hubitat community. I also like that it's TypeScript friendly.

When I used ST I had to write my own app to denature ST so I could do what the Maker API gives me. The way I read it is that I can just write my own apps without having to write my own shim. Of course I run the apps on my own gear. So I read it as realizing that the rule engine focus is a failed idea and people just want control.

As to a fat Hubitat. I do like the idea of supporting NodeJS for implementing device handlers and the like but that's a different topic. For now I've got now shortage of complementary devices of my own.

One other aspect is that they seem to have meta operations so I can manage installed apps. But I haven't drilled down on the actual API beyond the list of capabilities.