Smartthings converting temperature

I have several SmartThings sensors which have temperature data (Contacts, Motion & Buttons).
I have the sensor data being pushed to the hubitat hub from the smartthings and this is all working.
The temperature values are in centigrade and the hub unit is set to centigrade.
However the motion sensor, which I have set to the "Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor", values are being calculated as if they are in Fahrenheit so the value of 18.5 becomes -7.88 C.
This is also happening for the Aeon Multisensor 6.
How do I correct it and stop the calculation from happening, is this a bug in the hub software or the device definitions?

I cannot locate a Type for the contacts that displays both contact state and temperature.

Thanks in anticipation.

What integration are you using to get the SmartThings devices into Hubitat? The two most popular options currently are probably the built-in Link to Hub and the community HubConnect, though I think the older Other Hub integration still works, and it's also possible you wrote something yourself to sling the device events. In any case, I'd say knowing what you're using is important, since it's likely it's part of the issue. (Hubitat does have unit settings in Settings and I can't remember about SmartThings anymore, but it sounds like you've checked that.)

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Thanks for the reply
I used the Hubitat Send Hub Events on SmartThings.
On Hubitat I've changed the motion sensors to Virtual Omni Sensor Types and these are now reading the correct temperature values. Just the 2 door contacts to sort out now.
I had a Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor which never worked well with the ST Hub and used a community device driver on the Hubutat hub and that is working well.
I plan to move all the sensors over to the Hubitat hub but can only do this once I have my api working with my House Asset Application. So I am working through Maker Api.

There's a bug in a couple of the virtual sensors that mess with the temperature units, this will be fixed in 2.2.6


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