SmartThings button GREEN LED

My SmartThings buttons like show the GREEN LED occasionally when I press the button. Usually when it does that, the automation does not work. You folks know what the heck that LED is trying to indicate?

Strangely, I cant find it on google.


the button has fallen off the mesh and needs to be rediscovered. I had this happen a lot with the smartthings button until I added a couple of repeaters to my mesh. Now it's pretty stable. Haven't had a drop off in a couple of weeks now.

I find that goes away after a few clicks... is that then from the thing just re-connecting?

I believe. It's considered a sleepy device. So It doesn't wake up enough to keep a connection. (I'm guessing) like most light bulbs can end up doing this as well. I've just noticed that after I took the time to work my mesh out and added some zigbee repeaters, it responds better and hasn't fallen off for a few weeks now. I had a mess two weeks ago with my mesh. You can check your zigbee mesh tables at
maybe you can see if there's anything happening with your general zigbee mesh there? Just a thought.

There was a firmware update that fixed issues like that. Mines been solid since. You would need to connect the button to a smartthings hub to get it to update.

@jon1 when was the firmware update? Recently?

Not recent, this was around December 2018 I think. See if yours says application 11 in the data area, if so it may already be up to date.

Well I have one that is "11" and still goes green-light on me from time to time.... I'll try adding a repeater to see if that helps at all... but the button is like 10 feet from the hubitat...?


Routing is a sentient thing. I wish it were straight forward, but it's not. There is no rhyme or reason as to why something closer to the hub will hop across the house to repeat to the hub. It sees a better path maybe?. If someone knows, please share. I'd love to have someone like @SmartHomePrimer give a tutorial on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I learned recently that the hub is a controller and doesnt queue messages, where repeaters will queue message, so they are preferred.

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Good to know.