SmartThings Button battery event issue

@mike.maxwell, I think there may be an issue with the driver for these button devices.
I have them included in an HSM custom rule that alerts me if any battery device drops below 50%

I started building a few graphs with grafana lately and the one below monitors my battery levels over time. Notice the 2 spiked devices. That's the 2 smarthings button devices. They spike every 12 hours on the dot.

I also see this error in my logs to coincide with the spike.

I have noticed on other smarthings devices that they seem to report 2 battery for percent and the other for voltage. Could this be part of the issue above?

yes, likely.
which device is this?, the new samsung single button?


what other devices have you seen the double reporting on?


which driver?, not finding this...

I was using the Smartsense driver and recently moved to the v4. Sorry in meetings today so short replies.

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still not finding an attribute named batteryVoltage in any of our drivers
so when you have a chance, I'll need the exact driver name.

Top one was in use for months. The v4 I started using recently...ironically because I was not getting battery reading at all in grafana.

I dont currently have any issues with these sensors....just the button devices.

@mike.maxwell, I looked more closely at the logs and I think the top driver only reported "batteryVoltage". The "battery" reporting only kicked in when I started using the v4.

V4 driver - battery reports only
Non v4 - batteryVoltage reports only

Forgot to post an update on this.
@mike.maxwell, the latest firmware resolved this issue.
Thank you for your vigilance.

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@mike.maxwell, I thought the battery issue was resolved because I no longer had the spikes in Grafana. It turns out that spikes only went away because the battery event stopped reporting altogether. I haven't had a battery report since the last firmware upgrade. Hitting configure did not resolve.