Smartthings Arrival Sensor

Hi Folks,

Anyone have any old ST Arrival sensors kicking around in the junk drawer they want to sell? I can't seem to find the darn things anywhere.

or an alternate suggestion?


I've given up with mine after the battery kept dying after a few months and one of them broke while fitting a new battery. They are so fiddly. I just use my phone now with combined present (wifi + Life360 + HE mobile app). It's always in my pocket so it works great and it's relatively easy to set up other people with their phones too.

Thanks Angus,

Mine are reliable, and that's why I am looking for a couple more for the kiddos. They don't have cell phones yet. No matter if they are broken, interested in selling your old ones?

Could do but I'm in Thailand so the postage probably wouldn't make it sensible. I think I've only got one left now after the other one's battery tag snapped off. Maybe try Amazon or eBay?

Dang,...I tried Amazon and Ebay, notta one to be found. Hopefully someone in the group see's this and got a couple stashed away.

When I bought my ST v1 in 2015, I bought a kit that included their original arrival sensor. I tried it for no more than a day and never used it. Its yours if you pay for shipping.

I used to have one that was new in the box... if I can find it, I'd be willing to part with it.

Sounds good guys, i'll PM you :smiley:

Found it pretty much brand new

Sweet! The circuit board looks pretty close to the V4 model as well. Wonder what the big difference was in the two beside the plastic casing.

Hey Chad,

I realize this is an old thread but let me know if this is what you are looking for?