SmartThings and Aeotec?

No, I agree that part is real. What I really meant was an announcement as to what the full arrangement is in terms of the relationship.

What part stays samsung, what part goes aeotech, etc.

Part? Not following

I agree the hub is real - which is what you linked to.

What no one knows for 100% is what the arrangement between Aeotec and Samsung is and how much of the product it covers past a compatible hub.

E.g. Does it include SmartThings branded devices? Who does the software development? Does it include billing/point of sale? Etc.

There is some vague info on Aeotec's webpage, linked above, but none of it has enough detail to tell exactly what is going on.

And why did Aeotec make a new "smartthings" hub that isn't zwave 700 (is it just the gen3 hub re-badged?)? Especially when they already have another hub in in the works that IS zwave 700? As well as a z-stick that is zwave 700.

Lots of unanswered questions.

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In the link I posted, you can download the manual. It’s a SmartThings manual. If you open the link for Network Management Instructions, it tells you to use the SmartThings app.

I understand you guys want to make this more exciting than it is, but it’s not. It’s just an Aeotec hub that connects to the SmartThings cloud with the SmartThings app. It’s not even 700 series Z-Wave.

Samsung gets richer by charging Aeotec a licensing fee to connect to their cloud and Aeotec has a hub to add to their offering. Why? :man_shrugging:t3: Someone at Aeotec thought it made sense for them. It doesn’t unless they improve device sales enough to make up for the hub development and cost to market, plus the ongoing licensing fees to use of the Samsung cloud.

When Hubitat announced the first all local hub to run Groovy, that was exciting. When Hubitat announced the first hub to market with Z-Wave 700, that too was exciting. But this Aeotec hub... :sleeping:

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You don't know that. All we know for certain is that there is a hub being made by Aeotec that is smartthings compatible. That doesn't exclude any of the other speculation.

Some of the other evidence posted leads one to think the arrangement is much more than that, and just hasn't been announced yet.

We'll see, I guess.

This is just speculation like everyone else on this thread. You might be right, you might be wrong. But you’re just guessing too. Time will tell.

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I do know it’s not exciting and you are guessing that I’m guessing.

Then cite your source.

That would get them into a lot of hot water. So no I won’t be doing that.

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The information is out in the public now, so if you want to know more, it is here


Maybe I’m missing something but that’s just another guy speculating? “ I expect this will only be a re-brand of the existing V3 hub.” that’s not stated as fact. It’s what he thinks. Still not seeing anything definitive. Did I miss something on that tweet from an account that specifically says it’s not affiliated with Samsung?

Dig down in the replies. There one from Aeotec’s CEO


The one where he just said thanks for saying nice things about my company? What in that tweet (or his reply) tells us any details of this arrangement? I’m not trying to be difficult, I feel like I’m missing something.

Maybe Hubitat will join as a licensee :wink:

I think the "exciting" bit is Samsung letting go of the hub not the underlying tech. I wonder how this impacts their WiFi Mesh / ST combo device.

You are right that I was assuming you didn't know that. I guess I shouldn't assert what others do/don't know. :slight_smile: Sorry about that.


Got this email from Aeotec:

I guess they're not ready to announce whatever they have going on with the ST hub yet.

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Or their nifty rpi zwave 700 hat... Or their new non-smartthings hub... Etc. Etc

Aeotec has always done things on their own (typically later than they promise) schedule.


And there's this.. with a Zigbee certification dated 10/08/20 and (ironically?) submitted by "Z-Wave Europe". Looks like RF testing still underway:

Compliance document appears to be describing the SmartThings V3 hub.


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